The green  renaissance is underway.  Air purifying (unless faux obvs), mood enhancing, luscious and perfect for adding interest to your interior, yup its time to green up. From Top to bottom:
Faux | Image by Design Vintage
1.Potted Olive Tree | 2.Smycka Artificial Flower | 3.Smycka Artificial Eucalyptus | 4.Glass Vase | 5.Hydragea Green Plant
Jungle | Image by Annabell Kutucu
1.Howea Forsteriana Palm | 2.Cycas Revoluta Pot | 3.Concrete Vase
4.Dracaena Marginata Tree | 5.Fridfull Plant Pot
Island | Image by Interior Junkie
1.Watering Can | 2.Bonsai |3.Wire Basket | 4.Olea Europaea Tree | 5.Peace Lily Pot
Desert |Image By Bodie and Fou
1.Bamboo Plant Pot | 2.Aloe Vera Plant | 3.Garden Scisors | 4.Mixed Green Pot | 5.Metallic Cactus Pot

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