Go global with imaginative textures, traditional textiles and natural materials. An earthy contemporary colour palette of brick, amber, jet and sand conjures up distant lands and far away adventures.
From top to bottom
For Baby | Image by Annabell Kutucu
1.Seagrass Basket | 2.Solid Sheets Set | 3.Bed Linen Set | 4.Compact Cot
For Girls | Image by Annabell Kutucu
1.Tiger Cushion | 2.Tablo Table | 3.Gurli Throw | 4.Round Triangle Rug
For Boys| Image by Ikea Bedroom Design
1.Mouse Chair | 2.Garland Led Light | 3.Oyoy Puzzle Me | 4.Futon Quilt | 5.Striped Seagrass Basket

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